Car Recovered After Second Attempt

8PM Tennessee st at Avian dr

A “viewer” of VCS notified police, the car owner and VCS Admin that the vehicle stolen yesterday by Suside (Vanessa Morales) was just seen being parked by a man who got out with his burger king meal and walked off. Later this evening the owner got the message and asked VPD to recover the car. WHile waiting the “viewer” SEEN sOMEONE TRYING TO TAKE THE CAR AGAIN, STOPPED THEM AND TOOK THE KEYS TO THE CAR THAT SUSIDE STOLE FROM THE HOME. HE THEN HELPED THE OWNER GET THE CAR HOME. VPD is investIGATING. THANK YOU VPD AND VIEWER! The suspect left in a Nissan quest no plates Red on top tan on bottom year around 2000