Catalytic Converter Thief Arrested

Written on 03/08/2023 06:39 AM
Vallejo Crime

On March 7, 2023, a vigilant Vallejo citizen waved down one of our officers and advised him of a male stealing a catalytic converter on the 100 block of Harbor Way.
Our officer observed the male under a Toyota Prius that was raised on a hydraulic jack. The officer also heard a loud grinding sound under the vehicle.
When our officer contacted him, the male tried to run away from the scene. Our officer caught the male after a short foot pursuit. The thief was arrested and subsequently transported to jail.
The owner of the Prius was upset about the costly damage to his vehicle and pressed charges against the thief.
Thank you to the vigilant community member that alerted VPD, which led to the arrest of this catalytic converter thief!