Obstruction of justice

Written on 03/11/2023 06:40 AM
Vallejo Crime

On March 10, 2023, Vallejo Police Dispatch received a report that a man with two firearms was sitting inside his vehicle on the 4300 block of Sonoma Blvd. The male parked his car in front of a business. The employees told our dispatcher that the guns were on his lap, and they feared for their safety.
VPD officers immediately arrived and contacted the male. Our officers repeatedly told the male to exit his vehicle with his hands in the air. The male was argumentative and refused to comply with our officers. After a brief period, our officers convinced the male to exit his vehicle with his hands in the air. When the male exited his car, one of the firearms fell on the ground.
Our officer repeatedly asked the male to step away from his car, and the male refused. Our officers were forced to use their hands and take the male down to the ground and detain him.
The male was arrested for obstructing and delaying justice. The male's firearms were discovered to be replica firearms and BB guns. Nobody was injured during this incident. The male refused any cautionary medical attention.