Woman Assaulted / Car Vandalized

Written on 06/03/2023 06:35 AM
Vallejo Crime

While this was happening police were investigating a shooting that occured about an hour prior and did not show to this or contact her until the next day after asking us for her information. We have a photo of his plate but are not posting it.
This is her post.

from Tatiana
Hey all, yesterday (5/30/23) around 7:57am me and my son were assaulted my this guy in Vallejo. I knew people were crazy on the road but this guy is mental. This guy was driving reckless and swerved in front of me almost causing an accident as I was on my way to dropping my son off to school. Out of reaction I honked at him one time, but that bothered him because he made a complete sudden stop in the middle of the road. Again almost causing an accident I flipped him off from inside my car for a few seconds not thinking he’d see it since he was in front of me and it was only for a second, just to express my own frustration with dangerous drivers. I got over right away to keep driving because I was focused on getting my son to school. I was literally down the street from the school and turned into a parking lot used by parents which I do everyday to walk my son to class (he’s only in Kindergarten). I noticed the guy follow me in the parking lot as i opened my door. He approached my car with a wooden bat so i started to close my door and asked if there was a problem. He started cussing at me and threatening me and my son. I told him he shouldn’t be driving reckless and approaching us like that with a bat. No other words were exchanged. I closed my door waiting for him to walk away but he decided to quickly turn back around and swing his bat at my drivers side window. The whole glass shattered in my face. I have cuts and a gash on my chin. Glass reached the back where my son was too. There’s blood all over my face and neck, my son is screaming scared for his life. This guy casually walks to his car and drives off in the most calm way. That’s how I know he’s mental. He did not care. I was able to take pics as he was getting away and called 911 but no one showed up because they were too busy dealing with a shooting. I went to the ER after and got treatment. Now I just have to get my window fixed.
I’m posting because I would like people to be aware of this guy and if anyone has info on him. Also becuase VPD is giving me the run around. I still haven’t been able to speak to an officer. This was traumatizing for my son and I so be nice please. Thank you.