Theft with Threats / Chase

Written on 07/30/2023 06:23 AM
Vallejo Crime

Cardenas Market - A man told store employees that he is taking a bottle of tequila and will kill them if they try to stop him. He left in a black inifity SUV and when police approached he took off at a high rate of speed with all lights off.  VPD lost the car near Appian way in Pinole but CHP AIR found it and kept following. The SUV stayed at about 100-110mph going towards Richmond. CHP ground units declined to help but Air continued to help and Richmond joined in to the chase with a k9. The SUV slowed down for traffic around Berkeley and then speed up to 100+ after Ashby and exited on 580 East and exited on Fruitvalle in Oakland where he immediately was stuck in traffic on Broadway. He got around that traffic doing 60mph on city streets. He made it to east 10th and VPD cancelled the chase. I guess theyre afraid of the East.  VPD went back home 30 mins later with no one.