State of Emergency

Written on 08/12/2023 09:41 AM
Vallejo Crime


State of Emergency
It is with great sadness that the City of Vallejo has been forced to mandate a State of Emergency in view of the diminished number of police officers at the present time.
Many officers are currently on disability, vacation, and extended leave. Therefore, our City Manager and Police Chief have found it critically necessary to declare a State of Emergency.
This state will possibly allow them and facilitate them to engage other entities such as possibly the California Highway Patrol and/or the local competent. Sheriff Department. This will help us through this extremely difficult time.
The good people of Vallejo have been through a great many trials including the City Bankruptcy and the Covid pandemic. We are a strong people and we can overcome this dilemma as well. Despite our troubles, we will weather through.
The City has budgeted for dozens more police officers, but the City Manager and Police Chief have assured the City Council that recruiting has been a grave challenge in recent times. It is not my call to delineate the reasons for such a conundrum.
We shall do all in our power to remain strong and well fortified with the help of local agencies and other entities.
Please pay attention to City business by staying involved, and by watching the City Council. Our next meeting will be on next Thursday evening, August 17th. It is a Closed Session.
It's my hope that you will all stay involved and in full communication during this challenging time.
Given the circumstances, the Council had no choice but to unanimously agree to acquiesce to a 'State of Emergency' for the safety and security of our citizens.