Police Chase / Sideshow / 2 Arrested / Cop Shot At

Written on 10/28/2023 08:06 AM
Vallejo Crime

10:34PM - Police Chase / Sideshow / 2 Arrested / Cop Shot At
Grant st - Police attempted to pull over a car that was doing donuts and were blocked by about 50 people standing in the road to let the car to get away. They asked for permission to spike the car as they were doing 80mph down Sonoma blvd. The Chrysler 300 was smoking and stopped for the driver to foot bail. The car went down to 40mph and went back to the lemon st area to get human shields, but VPD requested permission to pit the car before it reached the "safe" location. Several people were chucking things at the patrol car. VPD continued to chase them and must had pit them because a moment later they had both occupants detained. Each time a patrol car went through Sonoma and lemon they had items thrown at them. The helicopter stated the same location was pointing lasers at them and VPD stated its probably from a firearm so the helicopter left. The car was out of Napa. CHP air got back in it and gave the info on the man with a laser. Right afterwards an officer came on stating his back window might have been shot out. When requesting an officer to that location they were told they do not have time to go.