Home Burglary

Written on 10/26/2023 09:18 PM
Vallejo Crime

12:24PM - Home Burglary
1XX Baxter St.
3-4 People were using a ladder to break into a home. A neighbor seen this and called police. They started to load their Buick up outside of the home while police were enroute. 2 were in the car and 2 still in the house when PD arrived. They started honking their horn to alert the two in the house. PD arrived and arrested the two in the car. They were robbing an 80 year old woman's house, her husband recently passed away. While surrounding the house VPD got a 911 call that someone ran away from the area holding a gun. The two people inside the house contacted PD and stated they would come out peacefully which they did. all 4 were arrested and now we are wondering who is running down town with a gun. Maybe they called that in first to try and get the cops to leave?